All my insects are supplied with full label data in English. Quality is A1 if not otherwise stated,
  some specimens may be with pinholes (sometimes stated in lists, but not always).
  You are welcomed to ask additional details about my insects,
  I can make necessary photos or scans, or select certain items from desirable regions, etc.
  Price for all items are in US dollars, payment may be in USD or euros, all payments in advance.
  Discounts are always available, from 10 to 60%, depending on your order content and volume.
  1. Instant money transfers such as Western Union and MoneyGram, etc. You can choose the cheapest system for your transfer.
  2. Bank transfer in USD to my account. But it is complicated due to Ukrainian bank rules (no direct transfer, only with correspondent bank in third country).
  3. Payment from your Visa or MasterCard.
  Ask me for details.
  ! Paypal is not available for transfer to Ukraine currently.
  Processing and postage fee 15-30 USD per order, depending on the parcel weight and volume.
  I use registered air mail worldwide. Currently all orders may be sent within 2-3 weeks after receipt of payments.
  All insects parcels are being packed for maximum safety, delivery may take one to three weeks.
  All my determinations of species are exact as possible, but not 100% guaranteed (especially items with ?).
  All sizes, quantity and quality are being checked before postage.
  I am always ready to take into consideration your preferable insects (size, male, female, pair etc.) if I have appropriate opportunities.
  Returns: usually no returns, except cases of significant errors in determination or other parameters.
  Please use this email for your orders: