(price in US dollars)

  Platycerus caraboides (Russia, Ukraine) male 6, female 8, pair 13, pair A- 6.5
  Platycerus albisomni (Japan) pair 40
  Ceruchus chrysomelinus (Belarus) pair (male 16-17mm, female 13-14mm) 22
  Ceruchus chrysomelinus (Russia) male 15mm 12, male 19mm 23, female 14-15mm 9
  Neolucanus castanopterus kinrami (Myanmar) male 40mm 16
  Neolucanus giganteus spicatus (N Vietnam) male 59mm 16
  Neolucanus swinhoei (Taiwan) male 44mm 6
  Prosopocoilus serricornis (Madagascar) pair 18, pair A- 9, male A1- 7, male A- 5, male B 2.5
  Prosopocoilus occipitalis (Malaysia) male 7 (sold out)
  Prosopocoilus oweni melli (China) male 22
  Prosopocoilus suturalis (China) male 20
  Prosopocoilus gracilis (China) male 48mm 19
  Prosopocoilus inclinatus (Japan) male 42mm 18, 47mm 26
  Hexarthrius vitalisi ? (China) male 55mm 22
  Lucanus (Pseudolucanus) barbarossa (Spain) male 39mm 70
  Lucanus cervus (Ukraine) male 40-55mm 2
  Lucanus cervus (Ukraine) male 60-65mm 4
  Lucanus cervus (Ukraine) male 69mm 8
  Lucanus cervus (Ukraine) male 70mm 10, A- 5
  Lucanus cervus (Ukraine) male 72mm 12, A1- 8
  Lucanus cervus (Ukraine) male 74mm 14
  Lucanus cervus (Ukraine) male 75mm 16
  Lucanus cervus (Ukraine) male 76mm 20, A1- 12
  Lucanus cervus (Ukraine) male 78mm 28 (sold out)
  Lucanus cervus (Ukraine) male 80mm 35 (sold out)
  Lucanus cervus (Ukraine) female 3
  Lucanus ibericus (Russia) male 35-37mm 35, male 37-38mm 38, male 42mm 44, male 45mm 52
  Lucanus ibericus (Azerbaijan) male 36mm 35, male 37mm 38, male 38mm 40
  Lucanus ibericus (Azerbaijan) male A1- 39mm 34
  Lucanus maculifemoratus dybowskii (Far East of Russia) male 45mm 10, male 60mm 20, female 40mm 7
  Lucanus maculifemoratus maculifemoratus (Japan) male 52mm 30
  Lucanus ferriei (Japan) male 35mm 21
  Lucanus hermanni (China) male 68mm 18
  Lucanus kanoi piceus (Taiwan) male 32mm 26
  Lucanus miwai (Taiwan) male 16
  Lucanus formosanus (Taiwan) male 52mm 10, male 58mm 16, male 63mm 24
  Lucanus laetus (China) male 42-43mm 13
  Lucanus davidis (China) male 31mm 34
  Lucanus langi (China) male 40mm 36
  Lucanus jietuii ? (China: Sichuan) male 47mm 28
  Lucanus kraatzi giangae ? (N Vietnam) male 55-56mm 30
  Lucanus planeti (N Vietnam) male 72mm 15
  Lucanus fryi (Thailand) male 69mm 20
  Lucanus sericeus (N Thailand: Nan Province) male 23
  Odontolabis siva siva (China) male 63-64mm 17
  Odontolabis platynota (form with yellow-black elytra?) (China) male 57-58mm 20
  Odontolabis taroni (Indonesia) male 28mm 4
  Pseudorhaetus oberthuri (N Vietnam) male 33mm 8
  Pseudorhaetus oberthuri (N Vietnam) pair (male 45mm, female 27mm) 28
  Cyclommatus lunifer (Indonesia) male 5
  Cyclommatus mniszechi (Taiwan) male 50~52mm 30
  Prismognathus dauricus (subaeneus auct.) (Russia) male 26-28mm 4-5, male 29-31mm 6-7, female 3
  Aegus subnitidus subnitidus (Japan) 20
  Aegus subnitidus fujitai (Japan) 26
  Nigidius laevicollis (Philippines: Luzon) male 19mm 10
  Geodorcus novaezealandiae (New Zealand) pair 160
  Dorcus parallelopipedus (Ukraine) 2
  Dorcus parallelopipedus (Italy) 3.5
  Dorcus parallelopipedus (Georgia) 4
  Dorcus montivagus adachii (Japan) pair 40
  Dorcus metacostatus (Japan) 30
  Dorcus cervulus (China) male 49mm A- 8
  Dorcus reichei (Nepal) male 48mm 8
  Dorcus antaeus (Nepal) male 63mm 28, female 43mm 12
  Dorcus tityus (Nepal) male 53mm 9
  Dorcus bisignatus (China) male 30-31mm 20
  Dorcus curvidens (China) male 47-48mm 20
  Dorcus hopei (China) male 53mm 25
  Dorcus titanus platymelus (China) male 61mm 20, male 65mm 25
  Dorcus gracilicornis (Taiwan) male 41mm 45
  Macrodorcus rubrofemoratus (Far East of Russia) male 28-31mm 7-8, male 38mm 12, female 4
  Macrodorcus rectus (Japan) small male 15, small pair 25
  Sinodendron cylindricum (Ukraine, Russia) 3 (sold out)
  Aesalus ulanowskii (Russia: N Caucasus) 6
  Nicagus japonicus (Japan) 30, A1- 25